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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jiin and Allen - Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club

Here is one of my sweet weddings from 2010.  Sometimes there is a delay in writing about my recent weddings, as I'm often waiting on the great pictures from the photographer.  True Photography Weddings was awesome about getting me some of their gorgeous pictures, so here we are.  Thanks to Michael, for your great work, and to Aaron, for sharing it with me!

Jiin and Allen found me through San Diego Style Weddings, and I am so glad they did!  They were a true pleasure to work with, and it was so fun to be a part of their loving, fun, easy-going relationship! 

For this couple, their families were very important, so we found a few ways to include them in the ceremony.  First, we included a family blessing, specifically asking the parents for their love, supports, and blessings.  Then, as their religious beliefs were important to them, we asked Jiin's brother-in-law to share the words from Corinthians.  And lastly, we including their families in the stone blessing during the ceremony, as we asked them to place their stones into the vase first, up in front with us, as a representation of their role as the foundation of this relationship.

This relationship started off as a long-distance one, so it was fun to share with everyone how the relationship began, and how they each saw things as it developed.  Thankfully, Allen moved down to San Diego, cutting back on all the flights required to grow this relationship!  As Allen put it, "You don''t marry someone you can live with -- you marry the person you cannot live without. They also just really enjoy each other, having fun with each other no matter what they do, and it was fun to be able to translate that for everyone through the thoughts and stories they shared with me.  I loved seeing Jiin and Allen laugh throughout this piece of the ceremony, as that's so appropriate for who they are together!

For their vows, we did a mixture, based on what the couple wanted.  Jiin had always imagined saying "I do" - so we found a version of that which would fit her.  And then we added on another vow that she repeated after me in phrases, which we also edited and adapted to fit her desires and their relationship.  Allen, on the other hand, wanted to write his own vows, completely expressing how he felt about her, and what his own personal promises to her were.  The combination fit them both, and were beautiful when put together!  Neither had known what the other was going to say, so that was a lot of fun to watch! 

And lastly, it was important to them to include some traditional components, like a question for her father after he brought her down the aisle - we used the more modern "Who supports this woman as she joins this man in marriage?" as it represented their relationship best.  In addition, they wanted me to say a prayer over them at the end.  As I've said before, religious wording or components will never come from me, but I am absolutely willing to include them if a couple desires.  We joked about this, as she had to ask me to bring God into the ceremony.  Most couples who work with me don't want God mentioned at all, so I only include such references when specifically asked...

This was a beautiful wedding!  And they are so fun together, which came across to everyone there to celebrate with them!  Thanks again, Jiin and Allen, for making me a part of your special relationship!

Here are some pictures from Michael of True Photography Weddings, and then below are links to some of the other vendors I worked with on this wedding.  I don't often come across most of the dozen plus vendors who help make the rest of the wedding possible - I can only talk about those with whom I interact...

P.S.  That was their adorable little niece, the flower girl, who decided to walk back up the aisle during the ceremony.  So cute!

Sarah and team at the Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club
Michael of True Photography Weddings
Jerry of Cloudbreak Films
Mike Hogan, DJ, of Entertainment at Large

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